New online poker: opening of fresh rooms in 2020

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Probably, the first casino game that pops into your mind is poker. From being a privilege for only the richest layers, poker became available for everyone who would like to try his skills and his intuition in this exciting game.

With the appearance of online gaming, all gamers received such an opportunity. Playing via the internet, they gained:

  • anonymity;
  • availability and access all the time;
  • 24/7 live support;
  • plenty free opportunities;
  • the widest selection of different variants;
  • possibility to play from anywhere anytime.

All you need now is a device with internet connection. Your pleasant gaming time will be guaranteed by the proper licensed website. New variants gained quality and become even more friendly to gamers.

What option pick to play

While more and more new variants of the game appeared on the market, the base types of poker remain classic:

  1. draw poker, where gamers obtain five cards and can exchange them in the following rounds
  2. stud poker, where gamers receive one card opened to everyone and two cards are hidden at the beginning and one more card with each round;community card poker, where gamers obtain a definite quantity of cards on hands revealed only to them and five cards on the table for the common use in the following rounds.

You should choose what version of the game you prefer considering if you want a slow game to relax or an intense game with high risks, and then go on with picking the new poker rooms online.

New online poker sites in 2020

One of the most expected features of new products is that it tries to attract new users with huge and generous gifts and bonuses. So looking for fresh releases in the poker world, you should pay attention to the benefits you can receive by picking one or another option. Even more interesting is that many old poker sites have been renewed recently and now received a huge bust.

So the following titles sounded loudly in the online gambling communities in 2020:

  • 888 Poker – quite an old website that today gained his honorable place among new online poker titles; they are constantly updating the software so that it worked smoothly; the site always runs new promotions for new clients;
  • Party Poker – also quite an old website that was totally renewed recently; now they offer anonymous cash games and a great instant bonus for newbies even for the smallest deposit; the design and functions of the software were also renewed and improved;
  • Unibet Poker – a recent website working in the Instant Mode, but functioning smooth and sophisticated like a downloaded software; the site offers a great no-deposit promotion; it is not using any tracking software;
  • PokerStars – again an old website making a huge bust; they provided a new $30 instant bonus; they launched new game options – a 3-player turbo Sit and Go with a prize pool like in lottery and the Deal where gamers gamble their rewards coins in order to win something larger; the site constantly runs betas on new technological products like an RPG-like poker battle game.

New ideas appear in the word constantly and many of them find their embodiment in fresh poker offers. Try them to discover new potentials.

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