How to choose and play the online slots

Choosing the right slot machine is not an easy task, because the choice is huge, several thousand options!

To begin with, all slots are divided into classic (3-reel) and video (5-reel) slots . Each 5-reel slot has its own theme, and, perhaps, it will be the easiest to choose them according to the theme.

If you like nature or, say, Irish culture, this will be one slot, if you are fond of ancient mythology – another slot, and if you are into medieval history – the third.

List of the best online slots

Among the most popular online slots, a special place is occupied by Cleopatra , a game that takes you to Ancient Egypt, where the legendary ruler is ready to share a part of her untold wealth with the lucky ones.

From the same series, the Zeus slot machine , which takes place in Ancient Greece: here the player has every chance to win huge money!

Rainbow Riches is one of the most famous slot machines associated with Celtic culture. Its main characteristic is gorgeous graphics, and the most interesting thing about it from a practical point of view is a huge jackpot.

Siberian Storm is a slot, the theme of which is related to the wild Siberian tundra, where the developers have placed the most beautiful white tigers for greater beauty.

Of course, every famous slot has sequels from time to time.

Volatility and return rate

The return percentage is a very important characteristic of any slot, it reflects the ratio of the bet and the funds returned to the player’s account. For example, if the return rate is 95%, this means that for every dollar wagered, the player will get back 95 cents. The remaining 5 cents (or 5%) is the so-called “casino advantage”, due to which the mountain houses earn money.

Despite the fact that online casinos usually do not openly publish their slot machine return percentages, you can read all about your favorite slot machines online on review sites. In general, players should look for slots with a return rate of 95% or higher.

Another important concept associated with slots is volatility or variance, which reflects the frequency of the win and its size. The lower the volatility, the greater the chances of winning, but the smaller the winning itself. With high volatility, winnings are rare, but, as they say, aptly – high risk implies very large profits.

News about the best online slots

Stay tuned for updates on our portal – we are constantly publishing new information about the best online slots.

Play only the best slots, whether free or real money. Use our recommendations to find the slots with the biggest jackpots and the most enjoyable gameplay that slots outside of real casinos can have!

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